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 “I would highly recommend Angie as a Life purpose coach/ advisor. I used her services when I was going through a major transition in my life. She helped me to see things differently and provided me with insight that was life changing. Presently, I’m happy in my new role as a Medical Director for a major health care company and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Angie, you are the best in the business.”

-Dr. Goodson, Medical Director, Fortune 500 Health Care Company

 “Angie provided pro-bono executive coaching services to me during Fall 2013 through the San Diego Coaching Alliance. Angie helped me align strategic objectives for my non-profit, develop a communications feedback loop and other organizational best practices. She is very perceptive, gives constructive feedback, and has a great spiritual energy to her. She is a terrific coach and I look forward to working with her again.”

-Joanna A. Tan, Director of Operations-California Center for Sustainable Energy

“I have been stuck in an emotional entanglement with my ex-wife for six years.  It seemed as though I would never break our emotional bond.  This bond was blocking me from moving on with new relationships.  No matter who showed up, I was always unavailable. I had decided that I would sit on the sidelines and wait for my ex to realize I really was the one for her.

Shortly after working with Angie Swartz on emotional release and healing, I felt the excitement of truly being free from my ex-wife’s “web”.   Sure enough, within a few weeks someone amazing entered my life and I am still in shock as to how intensely loving and sweet she is.  I am so grateful to Angie.”

-Fabian Gonzalez, San Diego Realtor

 “I was hoping for something different when I took the Uncovering the Life Purpose Already Within You” class and I got it.  Over the course of six weeks, Angie exposed us to many avenues to explore in finding our life purpose.  We started with testing for our strengths but soon diverged to practices and rituals, knowing ourselves more fully, transforming the body and mindfulness.  The class truly provided a jumping off point and many resources to mine in furtherance of discovering our individual life purpose.”.”

-Debbie Chappie, Happy Volunteer at the San Diego Safari Park

“I have brought about huge changes in my life in the very recent past. A lot of these changes have been bigger than I could have imagined. 

During these major life experiences, I have had the pleasure of having Life Purpose Advisor in my corner. I have worked with Angie Swartz for well over a year and have found her insight and advice so very helpful. What I get out of every interaction with her is how much she cares and how focused she seems to be on helping me become my best self. Even times when I wasn’t able to articulate where exactly my hesitations were she was able to (intuitively perhaps) guide me further in the directions I was heading.

I have found every interaction with Angie to be helpful and rewarding. I highly recommend you speaking with her if you are looking for that positive change in your life.”

-Carmen Ybarra, Photographer and Writer

“I have received coaching from Angie Swartz off and on over the past 5 years and her advice has always been sound, specific, and spot on! She has a wonderful ability to not only listen to what you’re saying, but to tune in to what you don’t say as well. After every coaching session we’ve had, I am always left with at least one or two things that she’s said that deeply resonate with me. If you’re looking for your life purpose and/or how to live it out, Angie and Life Purpose Advisor will definitely help you reach that goal!”

-Mikayla M., MBA, Intenet Marketing Consultant

“I have worked with Angie as my Leadership Development Coach for 3 years now. Her background, experience and insight make her an amazing coach for any level employee, but especially for executives. She has a keen ability to walk into a company and really understand its inner workings in a very short time period. She had a lot of great insight and recommendations as our company went through Strategic and Operational Planning. Her experience as a social media consultant really adds to her value as a coach since these issues are so relevant in corporations today. I would not hesitate to recommend Angie’s coaching services to anyone and look forward to continued work with her in the future.”

-Kristin Olszak, CFO-Helix Environmental Planning, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working with Angie last year as I created the vision for the next stage of my business. She helped me see the potential, offered great ideas, and helped me problem solve and break the project down into manageable steps. She adapted to my style of thinking and working, and she kept me motivated and enthused. I am still using the tools I learned from her, and I look forward to working with her again when I get to the next phase of my project. I can highly recommend her as a coach.”

-Judith Balian, CEO, Excoveries

“Angie Swartz is one of those people who have an uncanny ability to see you for where you are now and where you can be in the future. She see’s what you choose to ignore or cannot see and gently brings you to its awareness. It’s this awareness which fuels positive change in both your personal and business life. 

” Angie Swartz is one of those people who have an uncanny ability to see you for where you are now and where you can be in the future.  She sees what you choose to ignore or cannot see and gently brings you to awareness.  It’s this awareness which fuels positive change in both your personal and business life.  

As life and business coach Angie pulls from a broad base of both business experience and education. Often times she brings a unique and much needed perspective to a problem or process I am working through. This perspective has saved me from days and at times months of frustration. 

Angie has played a vital role in my continued journey in both personal and business goals and I highly recommend her.”  

-Alan Underkofler, Relationship Manager-Southwest Region at Central Payment


“What I personally like about Angie is she gives clear and direct perspective and strategies. Within the second lesson of Finding Your Life Purpose I had A-Ha moments and was able to take action based on what Angie’s program pulled out of me. 
I highly recommend Angie’s courses and guidance for anyone looking to refocus their energy around their life, their career and their relationships. I found it helped me in every area.”

-Christine Messier, Chief Creative Officer, Your Voice, Inc.  Writer & Marketer for small business, authors & startups


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