20: Dave Goldberg: The Life Purpose of a Peaceful Aikido Warrior

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In this episode, Dave Goldberg discusses Aikido, consciousness and living the life of a peaceful warrior.

 “There’s always a relationship between our being and our action in life.”– Dave Goldberg

About Dave Goldberg

Sensei Dave Goldberg, Aikido Go-Dan (5th degree black belt) and founder ofAikido of San Diego teaches, practices, and embodies Aikido. Sensei Goldberg studied in Japan with some of Founder Morihei Ueshiba’s (O’Sensei) most enduring and prolific disciples. He also holds a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Teaching. Mr. Goldberg’s work is inspired by the Founder’s vision that Aikido is here to develop us as more harmonious, free, and effective people. He is dedicated to a path in martial arts that is life-affirming, and connects us to the questions of life that we all share.

….In this show….

Dave Goldberg’s Life Purpose

  • To explore what it means to be a warrior of a peaceful nature and to become a living, breathing expression of the art of Aikido.
  • To help others wake up to their own true experience, no matter what that may be.

Life Purpose Ah-Ha Moments

  • Cousin introducing aikido to him at the age of 14.

Major Life Events that Hinted at Your Life Purpose

  • Childhood and teenage years were an unfulfilling experience and pushed him to follow his calling, no matter what that was.
  • Self reflection that brought “conscious awareness” during a normal, daily routine. It did not happen during a far off travel or spiritual monument as it’s always imagined to be!

Spiritual Belief

  • Grew up in a traditional Jewish family but no longer looks to religion in the conventional way.
  • We live in a world that lives inside the absolute human being.  It’s true, conscious awareness.  Everything is in us and moving through us.
  • The Universe is not a big enough word because the Universe is in it too.  It’s not a belief.  It’s an experience.

Recommended Personal Growth Resource or Practice

  • Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu and Steven Mitchell
  • Insight Timer – Meditation Timer iPhone App
  • Develop a practice that allows you to pay attention to everything in and around you. This practice should bring you to live truthfully.
  • Trust. If you find yourself faltering, give yourself a break and then move on.

Dave Goldberg’s Wisdom on Igniting Life Purpose and Personal Growth

  • “Pay attention to your life… Ask yourself what you want and get into a practice of some sort.”

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