50: Angie Swartz: The Life Purpose of Seeing the Truth of Others

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In celebration of 50 episodes in just nine months, Angie Swartz, the host of the Life Purpose Advisor Podcast, jumps into the hotseat and answers the same deep questions she asks of her weekly guests. Friend and colleague Michael Neeley steps in as Guest Host.

Angie discusses transitioning from a corporate job to a career that is aligned with her purpose, how hints at her purpose have always shown up and how her values and lifestyle have changed.

“Sometimes you have to slow down to catch up and our lives move so quickly that that’s indeed true.  It’s hard to grow if there’s no room for it.  It’s hard to make change in your life if you don’t make space for something new to come in.” – Angie Swartz

About Angie Swartz

Angie Swartz is a coach and the host of the Life Purpose Advisor Podcast.  You can read more about Angie in her full Bio here.

….In this show….

Angie Swartz’ Life Purpose

  • To live a fully expressed life of joy and happiness, and to really see the truth of others and help them see that in themselves.

Life Purpose Ah-Ha Moments

Angie discusses how several major Ah-Ha moments contributed to moving her along toward her life purpose:

  • While working in a fast-paced, high pressure position in the telecommunications industry, Angie became pregnant then had a miscarriage.  This experience caused Angie to begin to evaluate her priorities and life goals.
  • Angie surprisingly resigned from her job and took a 6 month sabbatical with plans to look for another similar corporate position.
  • At the end of the sabbatical, Angie became pregnant again with her daughter who is now ten.

Major Life Events that Hinted at Your Life Purpose

  • As a child, Angie found herself wanting to have deeper conversations with her friends about their parents, winning a speech contest, and being a writer. These events are a few of the natural happenings that hinted at Angie’s life purpose at a young age.
  • In college, Angie worked as a mentor for underprivileged youth, helping them to see bigger version and the possibilities of their lives. This was one of the first forms of coaching Angie experienced without realizing that she was, indeed, coaching.
  • After working for 25 years with a MBA and a CPA license, Angie left her corporate job in 2003. She would work very hard to go on wonderful week long vacations around the world and “experience life”, only to return to a job that she was not happy in. Instead of separating work and life, Angie now incorporates true living into every day, including when she works.

Spiritual Belief

  • Angie believes there is one God, regardless of religion. It is the same God manifesting on earth in a different form.

 “Life is designed to get continually better throughout our lives. We’re here to have a fantastic experience on earth and we’re in charge of our lives. Whatever we choose to go after, whatever our goals are, those are the things that are going to show up.”– Angie Swartz

Recommended Personal Growth Resource or Practice

  • Meditation, prayer and energy work.
  • Be mindful. Take the time to be present in each moment.
  • Journal.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Yoga

Angie Swartz’s Wisdom on Igniting Life Purpose and Personal Growth

“Life is to be lived and deeply experienced. We can be and do anything that we want. Happiness and deep joy are there just waiting for us if we commit to what it is that we want and do the work to get there, and invite the divine in to help us.”

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A Sincere Thank You to Michael Neeley

My deepest gratitude to Michael Neeley contributing as the guest host of this interview.  His talented interviewing style and conscious approach largely contributed to the success of the interview.  Thank you, Michael!

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About the Advisor

Angie Swartz is the Founder of Life Purpose Advisor and offers you the services on this website. She is a Life Coach and an Executive Business Coach with over 20 years experience. Angie works with people who are receiving the nudge to step up to their life purpose and higher calling. These nudges often show up as the difficult life challenges of transitions, illness, emotional imbalance, divorce, job change, heart break, depression, etc. See “How to Find Your Life Purpose” to work with Angie. All of the advisors and content on this site are selected and vetted by Angie. Your questions about Angie, this site, the advisors are welcome. Please call 513.279.2789 for more information.

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