About Life Purpose Advisor

Life Purpose Advisor helps you find your life purpose and to make big shifts to live a meaningful, happy life via coaching and personal development classes.

Life Purpose Advisor teaches a philosophy and program that states:

  • We all already know our life purpose.
  • We gain glimpses of our life purpose throughout our life from many of our life experiences, both good and bad.
  • Our jobs are to accumulate that information into a recognizable form and to become clear enough to listen and hear what is already within us.
  • Our purpose is already aligned with a higher calling.  Once we discover it, we are here to promote more conscious societies and business environments.

The philosophy and program are centered on four core modules.

  • Know Thyself
  • Practices and Rituals
  • Transform the Body
  • Be Mindful

This site features the following:

  • Detailed Life Purpose Education Courses and Coaching Programs.
  • A resource of inspiring and education articles.
  • An extensive list of supplemental resources to help you find your life purpose.
  • An esteemed list of verified Advisors who contribute their expertise via articles and products.
  • A list of the Causes we have chosen to support that align with our mission and support the greater good.
  • A community of like minded individuals.
  • A focus on Conscious Business and tool to increase the level of consciousness in your business.

Angie Swartz founded Life Purpose Advisor in 2012.



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