58: Christine Stevens: Drumming Her Way to Life Purpose

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In this episode, internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and drumming expert Christine Stevens tells of reclaiming her life and traveling the world as a drummer and music therapist, gratitude as a way of life and her spiritual journey. [...]
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The Life You Were Born to Live

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The Life You Were Born to Live: Using Your Birth Date to Understand Your Life Purpose The Life You Were Born to Live is a book about numerology and using your birthdate to understand your life purpose. In what has become a classic reference [...]
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Gratitude Inspiration and Tools

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A List of Gratitude Inspiration and Tools Like many people, I’m doing a deep dive on Gratitude this month.  Sure, it’s Thanksgiving month and the perfect time to think about Gratitude.  However, it’s more than that for me [...]
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Green Smoothie Recipe: A Delicious, Healthy Starting Point

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Green smoothie recipes may seem gross when you first encounter them.  Afterall, aren’t smoothies supposed to be filled with strawberries, bananas and yogurt making them deliciously sweet?  Well, meet the smoothie that really is good [...]
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Wee Wisdom Preschool: Embracing Mind, Body & Spirit

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I want to introduce you to Wee Wisdom Preschool, a new mindful preschool in the Miramar area of San Diego.  Wee Wisdom Preschool teaches young children all the basic things with a big added bonus of mindfulness practices. I couldn’t [...]
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Top 10 Life Purpose Advisor Podcast Interviews from 2015

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The following are the Top 10 Life Purpose Advisor Podcast Interviews from 2015. I hope you enjoy listening to them. We’ve also created a PDF of the insights from the interviews.  The PDF includes more detail about each interview. I [...]
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Wisdom 2.0: A Place to Practice Conscious Business

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“Founders from Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Zynga and PayPal, and executives and managers from companies like Google, Microsoft, Cisco … in conversations with experts in yoga and mindfulness.”   – The New York Times  A [...]
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